Hi, I’m Otmane,

I’m a computer science student and a visual arts hobbyist.



I am devoted to learning more about grounded architectures of cognition and the collaboration of neuroscience and machine learning. I am currently working as an Intern Software Engineer at ELISE, - developing new software features, implementing geometrical algorithms, and extending the applications API. I also love visual arts, whether in the form of photography, videography, graphic design, or animations. Cameras built me a second world, a playground where I ruled all the variables and was able to shape visions the very way I perceived them. Here and now, this obsession embodies a second realm. An outbreak from realism and a different way of taking pleasure of the world - one where moments are frames and movements are emotions.


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May 30, 2020

Welcome to my Website

I was born yesterday, tomorrow. I was alive today, tomorrow.



If you would like to contact me, for whichever reason, feel free to use any of the channels displayed below. I have limited my access and usage of social networks; therefore, I should be more responsive to the few channels I kept. Like most people I rest, for this reason, the little watch below will help you find out if I’m available to respond or not.

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